The mission of Carboneutre 2019: acting for the future.

Train students to become confident ecocitizens by providing meaningful learning situations and supporting students’ initiatives. Our environmental approach makes it possible to implement a sustainable commitment by developing a critical spirit in the face of current issues and our commitment to the environment.


Our values and objectives


1) Respect for the environment


o Constantly search for innovative and sustainable solutions

o Promote social responsibility in the face of over-consumption





2) Commitment


o Develop a sense of belonging to the community

o Persevere in the mission

o Be confident in the power of our actions

o Open to partners, community, educational environments

o Respect the level of commitment of stakeholders

o Deploy our adaptive capacity



3) Cooperation


o Maintain a caring spirit

o Be supportive of projects from our community and elsewhere

o Keep the autonomy of our action

o Share experiences and expertise.

o Celebrate our victories