Carboneutre, a school's quest to reduce it's GHG.

Carboneutre: reducing our GHG in a school

During the “Education and enviro-citizen ” seminar two teachers from Richmond High mentionned that all the material presented during the event were french only. To be honnest, I did not feel a need to translate the material produced during the ten years of the project. We did receive a mandate to be ambassadors of the project Carboneutre, to make sure that the a number of teacher, citizens, leaders and students were to be on the rise. The project is implimented in Valcourt, Qc but we need to move away from our comfort zone and set our sigths on bigger and better things. So there it is, Carboneutre, the english version. If you have any comments, please leave me a note at the bottom of the text.

What is the project Carboneutre

The Carboneutre project at Odyssée High School is an educational, eco-citizen and cooperative project. Carboneutre was born of a conversation between my father and I about reforestation and GHG offsetting. We were in the process of reintroducing the red oak to the Eastern township and at the same time offsetting our GHG produced in the highschool in Valcourt Québec. We are aiming to become the first Carboneutral school in the province.

The project has been running for more than 9 years. The red oak plantation and the school’s carbon footprint were the cornerstones of the Carboneutre activities.

Trees planted since the implementation of the project: 5000

Number of students reached by the project: 500

Zero electricity day 2012-2017: saving 48 kWh (no electricity consumption at school)

A composting platform 2013-2018: shared with the residence for seniors: 2000 kg of composted material. We have reduced our GHGs by more than 5000 kg.


Green Christmas 2012-2018:  4200 kWh of energy saved and 1200 kg of GHG compensated. (bartering operation with the students, staff and the community)

Installation of a photovoltaic panel in 2016 to make our irrigation  system independant of the grid.

Installation of a solar air heater on the wall of the gym in 2016. The  system of  preheating air allows us to reduce the impact of GHG. We reduced our GHGs by 4000 kg.

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